Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hi, Welcome to Maggie May's Chat

Maggie"Maggie May"

Welcome to My Blog !

If young and soft, vulnerable and naive,
silly and giggly and overall sweet are what
you're looking for, then I am the girl for you.

I'm easily pleased and even more easily
entertained. I find pleasure in the smallest things.

I'm a music freak and spend all of my free time
dancing, listening and performing new & explorative
sexual entertainments, to music.

I love outdoor concerts. I love being free,
silly & giddy and enjoying everything that life
throws at me, lol.

At this point in my life I am really ready to start
a sexual exploration. I don't have much experience
and what little I do have is all blah and boring.

So, as I play with my toys to my favorite tunes,
I'm ready for endorphin rushes that will leave
me wanting more and more. I'm ready to be used
and taken by a strong man who will push my limits
and open new doors for me.

I admit I am a bit shy, timid, and insecure when
it comes to Sex. That is why I need a strong man
who will not let my shyness stop him.

A man who can replace my toys and take charge
of me in his arms passionately! All the while he
is admiring my fine porcelain like skin,
my childlike grins & perky tits, just make
all men who cross my path, horny out of their wits...

Just because I might whimper and shake my head,
it doesn't mean I want you to stop. It just means I'm
a little scared and need some reassurance.

It means that I'm actually turned on
and unsure how to handle the feeling.
This is where you
come in...

Can't Wait, Call Me Now, at:
1-866-637-7128 ext. 01829957

I need you to come whisper sweet nothings
about your favorite things. I want to be
the one on the other end when the phone rings...

hold me close, hold me tight, I know
I got what you need tonight..

So, call me now & lets find out if
you're the one that will take me
where I want to go tonight?
I promise I will be a good
companion while I ride you !

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Click to join MaggieMaysChat

Call Me Now, at:
1-866-637-7128 ext. 01829957